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OGIC and University of Aberdeen to deliver drilling innovations

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The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) is supporting more than £1.3 million worth of projects, in which the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Applied Dynamics Research (CADR) team will develop new technologies for use in offshore drilling operations.

OGIC has provided a total of £640,000 of co-funding for the seven projects which will see the CADR team partner with five companies to develop innovations including an automated programme for testing well integrity and a new drill-bit. Partners in these projects include companies such as Welltec, READ Cased Hole, Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research (VBPR), RotoJar and Varel.

The two most recent projects will see CADR working with READ Cased Hole and Welltec. READ and CADR work with AI experts to develop an automated programme to process and analyse data gathered by a multifinger caliper during the integrity testing of downhole completion items. The ultimate aim of the project is to develop technology which can deliver fully or partially automated well integrity reports.

Meanwhile, Welltec will work with the CADR team on phase two of a project to develop a new tool. This will involve the re-design of a Welltec tool, incorporating the new technology which has been developed by the CADR team. The technology significantly increases rate of penetration (ROP), reduces vibrations of the drill-string for conventional drill-bits and a much lower axial force (weight-on-bit) is required without compromising ROP or borehole stability.

The CADR team also worked with RotoJar to test its new tool designed to do the job of a drilling jar, while VBPR has to test the effectiveness of Resonance Enhanced Drilling (RED) for coring drill bits. Varel UK will also work with CADR to develop a new polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill-bit, which will combine shearing and gouging actions, allowing more efficient drilling in hard rock and heterogeneous formations.

Commenting on the projects, OGIC project manager Mhairi Begg added: “We have worked on a number of projects with the CADR team and their commitment to developing pioneering technology to better the industry has always been evident. The feedback we have had from companies that have worked with this team has been exemplar and the collaborations have resulted in the development of technology which has the potential to maximise economic recovery from the UKCS.”


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