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Serica Energy digitises safety with Restrata

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Serica Energy has become the first operator to digitise safety in the North Sea after signing a deal to adopt the Restrata Platform – technology which provides real-time monitoring of people and assets around the world.

Technology and services company Restrata developed the platform to enhance personnel safety and wider operations. It enables operators to safeguard the operational safety of their employees and to quickly locate them in an emergency situation, supporting a more efficient response and helping companies across the energy and industrial sectors improve the safety of personnel. Support is provided from Resrata’s Global Command Centre, based in Aberdeen.

The contract will see Serica deploy the Restrata Platform on its Bruce asset in the UK Northern North Sea. It cements the relationship between the two groups, with Restrata having provided emergency response support to Serica over the past year.

Restrata CEO Botan Osman said: “The Restrata Platform will protect not only the people involved in an incident, but also ensures the risk to emergency response teams is minimised. The technology allows the support and efficient management of an incident with information being shared real-time, meaning onshore teams can act fast for early intervention – with the safety of personnel at the heart of any response.”


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